General Counsel

Our firm serves as legal counsel for your community association. We assist the board of directors in providing legal guidance to assist with daily operations of the association. Additionally our firm serves as the registered agent for the association, submits the annual report for the corporation and maintains a record of all board meeting minutes provided to our office.

One Quick Question Service

Our firm will answer quick questions for the board of directors at no charge, based upon payment of our annual subscription fee. This is by far one of our most popular services, and allows board members to ask questions without concern about increasing costs.

Delinquent Dues Collection

Our firm will collect your association’s delinquent dues at little or no cost to the association. In the last five years, we have collected over 2.3 million dollars in delinquent dues to our associations.

Legal Opinion Letters

Our firm can research and prepare a written legal opinion in response to one or more detailed questions from the board of directors. These letters provide valuable assurance to the board that they are operating within Tennessee law as well as the boundaries of the governing documents of the association. Often we also include practical suggestions on how to resolve the situation to go beyond mere legal advice to leverage our wealth of experience with community associations to assist your community.

Vendor Contract Review

We will review and advise you on any language in your vendor contracts that is not favorable to the association. Often these small changes can save substantial time and expense in the event the relationship with the vendor is terminated.

Covenant Enforcement

Our firm partners with our association clients to help the board of directors ensure that the covenants are enforced. We write letters to owners and prepare notices of noncompliance for recording and file lawsuits to enforce covenants. In circumstances where an exception is legally valid, we prepare and file variances for our clients.

Restrictive Covenant Drafting and Amendments

Our firm assists developers with establishing restrictive covenants to protect the property values and the integrity of the community. We also assist established neighborhoods by making modifications to their existing covenants.

Dues Billing and Accounting Service

For those communities who are not professionally managed, we offer a subscription service that transfers the responsibility for dues invoicing and accounting to our firm. Our office maintains owner information, submits dues invoices and reports to the board on a monthly basis. This service is performed on a fixed fee subscription basis as an additional means of controlling costs.